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Murder Appeals and Post-Conviction Services

First Degree, Second Degree and Open Murder Appeals and Post-Conviction Services

Michigan Criminal Defense Appellate Law Attorneys

The news media is quick to pick up on murder cases, especially if the case involves sordid details or twisted plots. To further complicate the situation, any action that results from a malicious or deliberate act that takes someone’s life is so traumatic and distasteful that the average juror may have a difficult time separating facts from court room drama.

The prosecutor has only one job: to get a conviction when someone is charged with a murder. Even when a skilled defense attorney presents a strong case for the defendant, things can go wrong in the judicial process resulting in an innocent person being sent to prison. The increasing number of verdicts that are overturned on appeal due to prosecutorial misconduct, or newly discovered evidence that proves mistaken identity, clearly demonstrates that not everyone convicted of murder is guilty of the crime.

Judges are supposed to remain impartial and exercise unbiased authority when answering questions and giving instruction to the jury, as well as when making decisions about sentencing, but even the best of judges may sometimes find it challenging to fully separate emotions from fact in cases involving violent crimes— especially when that crime is murder. Juries, too, despite their best efforts, often face difficult challenges to remain unbiased when deciding upon the guilt or innocence of the accused.

The Appellate Lawyer: Help When Innocent People Get Convicted

There have been many well publicized cases where innocent men and women have been sent to prison for life, often serving many years in prison before new evidence comes to light that proves they were, in fact innocent. If a loved one, or someone you know has, been wrongfully convicted of murder, contact our appellate law offices today. We may be able to help get them a new trial, or have their sentence reduced.

It is easy to sympathize with the survivors who lost a loved one and to want to help them find justice, and prosecutors, jurors, and even judges can lose sight of the facts of the case. In fact, the prosecutor will work hard to ensure any evidence that could cast doubt on the accused's innocence is discounted, distorted, or even kept away from the jury to consider.

Our criminal courts are required to follow procedures and apply the law when it comes to the defendant's rights just as much as for victims, because sometimes, innocent people are accused of crimes they did not commit. And, when someone is convicted of the serious crime of murder, the legal system does not abandon them there— they have the right to an appeal.

Trial lawyers handle pre-conviction services and trials. Appellate lawyers handle appeals as well as post-conviction motions. The appellate lawyer's job is to continue the fight on behalf of a defendant after a conviction has been entered. If you are planning on continuing to exercise your rights, or the rights of a loved one, after a conviction, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced appellate lawyer.

There May Still Be Legal Options Available Even After Someone Has Been Convicted of a Crime

If a loved one has been convicted of a murder offense, you may think their fate has been sealed, but that is not necessarily true in all cases. Juries and judges can make mistakes, legal errors, or new evidence may come to light—all of these things may afford you the chance to pursue post-conviction rights.

A few of the post-conviction options your loved one may still have include:

Experienced Criminal Offense Post-Conviction Attorneys

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We are experienced trial lawyers and appellate lawyers. We know how to review court records to see if any of your rights were violated during the trial or sentencing process. If you were found guilty of a criminal offense you did not commit because of ineffective counsel, prosecutor or juror misconduct or bias, or because of something the judge did or failed to do, we may be able to help you.

We offer a wide variety of post-conviction services, including:

When you hire the law firm of Grabel & Associates, you can count on a thorough investigation into your case and aggressive post-conviction representation to help you improve the outcome of your case.

We offer a free initial consultation. Email our post-conviction services and appeals attorneys or call us at 1-800-342-7896. The statute of limitations is extremely short for filing motions and appeals. The sooner you call, the better your chances are of ensuring you can pursue all your legal options.


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