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Setting Aside Your Adult Criminal Conviction—A Way to Help Put Your Past Behind You

A criminal record that can be accessed by the public can cost you your job, a promotion, or keep you from getting a job in the first place. But having a public criminal record can also hurt you in other ways. For example, creditors, schools, and landlords can all access public records and can use information they find out about you in their decisions. In fact, anyone with a credit card and Internet access may be able to find information about you online.

Our attorneys can help you through the process of petitioning to set aside a conviction and have your conviction removed from prying public eyes. To learn more, email our law office for a free consultation, or call us today toll free at 1-800-342-7896. When you make the call, you will have taken your first step towards putting your past behind you.

What Does It Mean to "Set Aside a Conviction?"

Setting aside a conviction is sometimes also referred to as record expungement or record sealing depending on your state. Although the legal terms may vary slightly from state to state, they all mean pretty much the same thing: a legal request to have criminal records hidden from the public.

In most cases, criminal records automatically become public. This means anyone performing a background check may be able to see information about your conviction. Employers, lenders, and rental housing landlords all routinely perform background checks. If you apply for a scholarship or admissions to a college or university, having a criminal record may cost you a chance at higher education.

The law states that if you have a criminal record, you must answer honestly on applications when asked about it. For example, if you are applying for a job and are asked if you have ever been arrested for or convicted of a felony, and you have, you must answer "yes"— unless your record has been set aside.

In Michigan, setting aside a conviction removes an adult Michigan criminal conviction from the public record of the Michigan State Police and the court. If a record is not public, you are not required by law to disclose the information on applications or during job interviews.

Setting aside a conviction does not mean no one can see your record— but your record will be "invisible" to the public eye. Law enforcement, the courts, and other government agencies may still be able to see your record but educators, lenders, and employers won't.

If you are convicted of any other crimes in the future, the information in a sealed record may still be considered by a judge when determining a new sentence.

To see if you may be eligible to have your record expunged, read Who Is Eligible to Have a Conviction Set Aside?.

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You are not required by law to have an attorney handle a petition to have a criminal record sealed— but the courts recommend that you do. The steps involved can be tedious and the courts will not cut you any slack if you choose to represent yourself. If you file the wrong information, complete forms improperly, or make any other legal or administrative mistakes, your application could be denied.

Your future is at stake— don't take chances—hire an attorney with experience in successfully navigating the complex conviction set aside process.

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