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The following terms are often used interchangeably in Michigan:

  • OWI (operating while intoxicated)
  • DWI (driving while intoxicated)
  • DUI (driving under the influence)

If you have been convicted on any charges of drunk driving, including driving under the influence, you may think your legal options are over, but that is not necessarily true. A few of the post-conviction options you may still have include:

  • If you were convicted by trial, you may be able to file a motion for a new trial.
  • If your sentence was excessive, you may be able to appeal your sentence.
  • If you plead guilty and accepted a plea bargain that was not honored, you may be able to motion to withdraw or change your plea.
  • If you received inadequate counsel and were found guilty as a result of ineffective counsel you may be able to file a motion for Ginther Hearing.
  • If you served your time but your criminal record is holding you back, you may be able to have your record expunged. See “7 Questions to See If Your Assault Conviction is Eligible for Expungement”. Your driving record will not be cleared; however, your record for a DUI conviction may be able to be sealed from public records.

Experienced East Lansing, Michigan, DUI and Drunk Driving Post-Conviction Attorneys

We are experienced trial lawyers and appellate lawyers. We know how to review court records to see if any of your rights were violated during the trial or sentencing process. If your sentenced was excessive we may be able to help you get your sentence reduced. Additionally, we may be able to overturn a conviction, or get you a new trial, lighter sentence, parole, restore driving privileges, or have your conviction set aside.

Grabel & Associates can help those convicted on DUI charges through the wide variety of post-conviction services we offer, including:

When you hire the law firm of Grabel & Associates, you can count on a thorough investigation into your case and aggressive post-conviction representation to help you improve the outcome of your case.

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