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You might think that all drug related crimes receive the same or similar attention by prosecutors, but that is not the case. Certain drugs that are considered to be more addictive and dangerous than others are prosecuted more aggressively, especially when distribution or manufacturing of drugs is involved.

Two of the drugs involved in crimes that usually draw an aggressive response from prosecutors are crack cocaine and methamphetamine. These drugs are not only highly addictive, but can also be associated with gang related activity. For this reason sentencing for felony drug crimes often falls on the stiffer side, especially for repeat offenders.

But drug crimes involving so called "designer drugs” and "club drugs” may also be prosecuted aggressively even when only a few pills intended for recreational use are found in your possession. The abuse and illegal possession of prescription drugs, like OxyContin, is increasing and in some cases, so are the penalties when convicted.

If you have been convicted of drug charges you may think you have no more options but to accept the sentence, but that is not necessarily true. The penalty you receive is intended to be proportionate to the severity of the crime, and especially if you had no priors, a judge should not necessarily "throw the book" at you upon sentencing.

Your Post-Conviction Rights and Options

A few of the post-conviction options you may still have include:

The Discretionary Power of Judges

Effective March 1, 2003, mandatory sentencing for drug crimes was eliminated by law and the elimination of mandatory prison time was applied to those already convicted and serving prison time for drug crimes. Judges are now allowed greater judicial discretion and flexibility when imposing sentences for drug crimes rather than being required to pronounce hard and fast sentences based exclusively on drug weight. Current Michigan law also allows the lowest-level offenders a five year term of probation and the parole board now has the discretion to grant early release to some inmates serving time for drug crimes.

But this has not stopped the practice of excessive sentences being pronounced for some first-time offenders.

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In order to help you, we offer a wide variety of post-conviction services, including:

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