Types of Post-Conviction and Pre-Sentencing Motions

Post-Conviction Legal Services Available to Michigan Defendants

The jury has reached a verdict, or a judge has made a ruling. You may think all you have left to do now is await sentencing, and, while some cases may seem cut-and-dry, not all are. If you have been convicted of a crime, it makes sense to discuss post-conviction legal services that may help you obtain a more favorable outcome.

Post-Conviction Motions vs. Direct Appeal

Post-conviction motions are different from a direct appeal, and both can be advantageous for defendants to consider. Appeals are filed with the appellate court and post-convictions motions are filed with the trial court. Post-conviction motions are sometimes filed after a direct appeal has been lost, but many are also filed after a conviction either before or after sentencing.

Some of the reasons to file a post-conviction motion include:

  • To request a new trial;
  • To address issues that may or may not have been clear by a review of the trial transcripts and record;
  • To introduce new evidence that was not, or could not have reasonably known at trial (for example, DNA testing that is likely to show the defendant was innocent);
  • To bring to the court's attention evidence of perjury by a witness that, without whose testimony a verdict of guilty would have been unlikely;
  • To address juror misconduct or juror bias;
  • To demonstrate prosecutorial misconduct;
  • To show that a judge that was biased and should have recused him/herself before trial due to some conflict of interest, or, that the court did not have proper jurisdiction over the defendant or the crime;
  • To claim ineffective assistance of counsel (usually by filing a motion for Ginther Hearing);
  • To change or withdraw a plea, or, if a plea sentence violated a defendant's constitutional rights;
  • To bring to light changes to the law especially in regard to sentencing.

When Motions are Denied, an Appeal May Still be Possible

Motions are often denied by the courts, but this still does not mean the defendant has no further legal options available. If a motion is denied, a defendant may be able to appeal the trial court's order by filing a notice of appeal:

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