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Federal Criminal Appeal Attorneys

Receiving an unfavorable outcome in your federal criminal case is discouraging and may leave you feeling hopeless. It’s important to remember that this is not the end of your legal battle - you still have a chance to appeal the verdict and receive a second shot at justice. It’s crucial to have a skilled federal criminal appeals attorney fighting for you during this stage of your case. You’ll want a lawyer with extensive experience in Michigan and federal law who understands the complexities that surround criminal cases, so he or she can provide you with wise legal counsel. Don’t hesitate to contact the Grabel & Associates team so you can get on track to developing a successful approach to your federal criminal appeal and take charge of your future once again or contact us online.

What is a Federal Criminal Appeal?

Contrary to what many believe, a federal criminal appeal is not a retrial or a rehearing of evidence. Your attorney has to show that legal errors occurred in the original trial that affected the outcome of the case. Typically, appeals happen almost entirely in writing. Each side has a chance to respond to the other’s points and a panel of appellate judges will make a decision based on those written arguments. There is also a chance that your appeal may be argued orally, which is often a good thing, although rare. An oral argument gives your lawyer another opportunity to convince the judges that the outcome of your case was unjust and should be reconsidered. The appellate court does not accept new evidence, but may have the old evidence that was introduced in your trial transported to the appellate court so they can review it as they consider the legal arguments.

How to Appeal in a Michigan Federal Criminal Case

The first step in appealing is filing a notice of appeal with the court clerk. It’s important to file the notice as soon as possible, because you are on a strict timeline. If you have an attorney, he or she will help you craft the document and make sure you make the deadline. If you don’t have an attorney yet, contact one as soon as possible, but if needed file the notice of appeal yourself to avoid losing your chance. You don’t need to actually build your case to simply file, though you should act quickly to begin preparing for your appeal. Once the clerk approves your notice of appeal, he or she will forward it to the clerk for the Court of Appeals who will set a date for your briefing deadlines or hearings. After filing your notice of appeal, your attorney will work alongside you to develop a unique post-conviction case approach.

The team at Grabel & Associates has ample experience appealing in federal criminal cases and is willing to step in at any stage of your case to fight for you. Whether you’re under investigation or have already received a verdict, our attorneys can come alongside you and start fighting for your freedom. If you need help navigating this confusing step of your case, contact us via our toll-free hotline. Members of our federal team are available 24/7 to provide you with a free initial case consultation and will connect you with an experienced attorney who will aggressively defend your rights and freedom.

Our Approach to Federal Criminal Appeals in Michigan

At Grabel & Associates, securing your freedom is our top priority. We will do everything in our power to protect your future and fight for your rights. We have over 15 years of experience in Michigan law, and our experienced federal team is willing to put our proven skill to work in your case. The sooner you’re able to get a top-tier attorney involved in your federal criminal case, the better. It’s much easier to receive a favorable outcome early on, rather than waiting until you’ve received a guilty verdict, but if you have already been convicted, it isn’t too late to improve your case result. Winning an appeal is difficult and requires ample legal skill, knowledge, and creativity. This is why it’s so crucial to have one of Michigan’s leading defense lawyers on your side during this important stage of your case. If you want a chance to improve the results of your case, contact Grabel & Associates now. We will review all of the details and come up with a strategy that gives you the best shot at justice.

Contact Grabel & Associates in Michigan for 24/7 Federal Criminal Defense

If you’re in need of federal criminal defense, call Grabel & Associates at 1-800-342-7896. We understand that the appellate process is time sensitive, which is why we have a member of our team available to you 24/7, so you can start your fight for freedom as soon as possible. Call us now to receive a free initial case consultation and to take steps towards improving the outcome of your federal criminal case or contact us online.

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Scott Grabel was kind enough to look into my situation and take his time to speak with me free of charge. Most attorneys will not do that. He gave me reassurance that I had nothing to worry about. If I am ever in need of an attorney in the future I will be calling Scott Grabel and will highly recommend him to anyone with a legal issue. G. K.
Great job Tim, Scott, Daniel very aggressive and knowledgeable They always call you back if you have questions even after hours the best outcome I could've hoped for thanks again R. E.
Great lawyer he went into court and ripped the girl trying to lie on me a new one. He fot me off on all charges and with out him i would be in prision. Thank you so much i will definitely keep your number and pass it on to any one in trouble and keep it for future incase i ever have to go back to court K. J.